• MAIGRET, Night at the Crossroads.

    TX Easter Sunday 2017. Rowan Atkinson plays Georges Simenon’s legendary detective in a complex tale of murder, deceit and greed in an isolated country community. Also starring Aidan McArdle, Shaun Dingwall, Lucy Cohu, Leo Staar, Kevin McNally, Tom Wlaschiha, Mia Jexen.

    Director Sarah Harding | Producer Jeremy Gwilt

    © Peket Productions 2 Ltd 2017

    ‘it happened after midnight, like all the good murders’ AND writes THE SUNDAY TIMES ‘happily Night at the Crossroads is one of those!’
    ‘spectacular example of drama for ITV’. IMDB
    ‘It was an Easter Sunday evening delight … faultlessly evocative’ HUFFINGTON POST
    ‘superb Maigret performance’ LONDON METRO
    ‘perfectly conveyed post-war Paris and its seedy criminal underworld’ DAILY MAIL

  • Ein Einziger Kuss

    ZDF, National German TV Channel 2, TX Germany Easter 2015. 180 min drama in two parts. A successful author’s life implodes when her marriage falls apart. Her manipulatice husband seems to hold all the cards! A stellar cast includes Katja Witzenbock, Rupert Graves, Jean Yves Berteloot, Eileen Atkins, John Hannah, Zoë Tapper, Nina Shmieder, Eliza Hope Bennett.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Rikolt von Gagern   |   Execs Herbert G Kloiber, Verena von Heereman

  • The Bletchley Circle

    Worldproductions for ITV. TX early 2014. Based on the lives of four extraordinary and brilliant women who worked at top-secret HQ Bletchley Park during World War Two. First series screened to rave reviews in the US. Edited the second of two self-contained stories for the second series. Starring Rachael Stirling, Hattie Morahan, Sophie Rundle and Julie Graham. Written by Guy Burt.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Trevor Hopkins   |   Execs Jake Lushington, Victoria Fea

  • Greenshaw’s Folly

    For Mammoth Screen, the Agatha Christie Marple series. A mother and son escape from a violent past to the safety of Greenshaw’s Folly only to find their benefactor brutally murdered! Julia McKenzie, Robert Glenister, Fiona Shaw, Vic Reeves.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Peter McAleese   |   Execs Michelle Buck, Damien Timmer, Karen Thrussell

  • Eternal Law

    From Kudos, the Spooks/Ashes team’s new drama built around two lawyers studying and helping the people of York. But where are these two really from?! For ITV, TX 2012
    Director Jamie Payne   |   Producer Georgina Lowe   |   Execs Alison Jackson, Jane Featherstone

  • Peter - A Portrait of a Serial Killer

    Writer/Producer Sanjay Kumar directs his first feature film. Based on his own 2 year research and screenplay, a journey into the mind of Peter Sutcliffe from childhood to the present day. Walt Kissack plays Sutcliffe, Shot on Panavision35.
    Exec Jacqueline Jean-Louis
    Winner 2011 Bronze Palm Mexico Internationl Film Festival
    Winner Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival Honorable Mention Award
    Winner 2012 Canada International Film Festival, Feature Category, Royal Reel Award.

  • Compulsion

    Size 9 Productions. Contemporary film version based on the Jacobean play The Changeling, written by Joshua St Johnston and starring Ray Winstone and Parminder Nagra.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Steve Matthews   |   Execs Joshua St Johnston, Michael Wiggs, Ray Winstone

    ‘an exceptionally polished and provocative production’ BFI screening National Film Theatre April 2013

  • Survivors (First and second series)

    A virus wipes out most of the world’s population. A few survive! Written by Adrian Hodges, based on the novel by Terry Nation.
    Director Jamie Payne   |   Producer Hugh Warren   |   Execs Susan Hogg, Adrian Hodges, Kate Harwood

  • Torn

    10 years after her child has gone missing, Sarah (Holly Aird) recognises her laugh in a crowded shopping mall. Based on a true story this film follows the havoc, trauma and ultimately the death of the abductor, as two families find their lives torn apart. Also starring Adam Kotz and Nicola Walker. Writer Chris Lang.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Jeremy Gwilt   |   Execs Laura Mackie, Sally Haynes
    Nominated Royal Television Society Best Drama Series

    ‘one of the most powerful dramas on ITV for a long, long time’ The Times
    ‘gripping’ Daily Telegraph
    ‘taut psychological drama’ Radio Times
    ‘brilliant drama’ Sun

  • The Fixer

    Kudos for ITV. A team of misfits put together to sort out criminals that the law hasn’t been able to touch! New comedy/drama series written by Ben Richards and Neil Cross with Peter Mullan and Tamzin Outhwaite.
    Director John Strickland   |   Producer Faith Penhale   |   Execs Jane Featherstone, Simon Crawford Collins, Laura Mackie, Sally Haynes

    'as good as British crime drama gets' Daily Telegraph
    'easily the best UK Drama of the Year' Guardian
    'reminiscent of the best US Dramas' Heat

  • Party Animals

    World Productions for BBC2. Young MPs at Westminster and the wheeling and dealing that is part of their daily lives. Written by Ben Richards and Robert Jones, starring Andrea Riseborough, Matt Smith, Andrew Buchan, Clemency Burton-Hill.
    Director Brian Grant   |   Producer Eleanor Greene   |   Exec Simon Heath

    Nominated Broadcasting Press Guild Award Best Drama Series
    ‘ unmissable..well-acted, well written, intelligent television’ Guardian

  • Cards On The Table

    The Agatha Christie Poirot series for Granada. David Suchet, Robert Pugh, Zoe Wanamaker, Leslie Manville, David Westhead and Lyndsey Marshal.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Trevor Hopkins   |   Execs Michelle Buck, Damien Timmer

  • Heidi

    Feature Film released Sep 05. The famous children’s novel starring Max von Sydow, Diana Rigg, Geraldine Chaplin, and Emma Bolger as Heidi.
    Director Paul Marcus   |   Producer Martyn Auty   |   Exec Christopher Figg

  • Blackpool

    David Morrissey as the arcade owner determined to turn Blackpool into the Las Vegas of the North. Written by Peter Bowker. Comedy/Drama plus great musical numbers!
    Director Coky Giedroyc   |   Producer Kate Lewis   |   Execs Laura Mackie, Sally Haynes
    Winner Best Mini-Series and Winner Grand Prize Banff Television Festival
    Nominated Golden Globe Awards 2006
    Nominated Television Critics Association, Outstanding Achievement Award
    BAFTA shortlisted Best Editing

    'joyously funny and breathtakingly dazzling one minute, creepily dark and disturbing the next' Daily Express

  • Carrie’s War

    Nina Bawden novel set during World War Two. One off film for BBC. With Geraldine McEwan, Alun Armstrong, Lesley Sharp, Pauline Quirke, and Keeley Fawcett as Carrie Willow.
    Director Coky Giedroyc   |   Producer Bill Boyes   |   Execs Matthew Robinson, Simon Curtis

  • Too Good To Be True

    Contemporary one off murder thriller for ITV written by William Humble.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Lars Macfarlane   |   Exec Charles Elton

  • Dead Gorgeous

    A black comedy/thriller for Carlton. Two friends meet after WW2 and decide to dispose of their husbands! Starring Fay Ripley, Helen McCrory, Ron Cook, Lloyd Owen, Jonny Phillips. Written by Andrew Payne, based on the novel `On the Edge’ by Peter Lovesey.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Barney Reisz   |   Execs Charles Elton, Jonathan Powell

    ‘this clever and wicked period piece...it’s two delicious hours’ Hollywood Reporter

  • Silent Witness

    For the BBC, various episodes over two series.
    Directors Coky Giedroyc and Renny Rye   |   Producer Nick Pitt   |   Exec Jessica Pope

  • Pollyanna

    Remake of the Eleanor H Porter children’s classic. Amanda Burton, Kenneth Cranham, Kate Ashfield, Tom Bell, Aden Gillett, David Bamber, Pam Ferris, and Georgina Terry.
    Director Sarah Harding   |   Producer Trevor Hopkins   |   Execs Charles Elton, Jonathan Powell

  • The Spiritualist’s Chair and The White Knight Stratagem

    BBC Films in the Murder Rooms series. Ian Richardson as the surgeon Joseph Bell who played a key role in influencing the early years of Conan Doyle’s life.
    Director Paul Marcus   |   Producer Alison Jackson   |   Exec David M Thompson

  • Oliver Twist

    Adapted by Alan Bleasdale, the Charles Dickens novel in six episodes starring Robert Lindsay, Julie Walters, Keira Knightley, David Ross, Tim Dutton and Michael Kitchen.
    Director Renny Rye   |   Producers Keith Thompson, Alan Bleasdale   |   Exec Michelle Buck
    Television and Radio Industry Awards Television Drama of the Year

  • A Certain Justice

    The P D James novel starring Roy Marsden, Penny Downie, Philip Stone, Frederik Treves, Ian McNiece, Flora Montgomery and Ricci Harnett.
    Director Ross Devenish   |   Producer Martyn Auty   |   Exec Michelle Buck

  • Into The Blue

    John Thaw thriller set in Rhodes, Cambridge and London.
    Director Jack Gold   |   Producer Chris Burt   |   Exec Ted Childs

  • Inspector Morse

    The Way Through The Woods. John Thaw, Kevin Whately.
    Director John Madden   |   Producer Martin Pope   |   Exec Margaret Matheson

  • A Dangerous Man

    35mm feature on Lawrence of Arabia. Concentrating on one year 1919 – the time of the Paris Peace Conference. Ralph Fiennes as T E Lawrence.
    Director Christopher Menaul   |   Producers Uberto Pasolini, Colin Vaines   |   Execs David Puttnam, Brenda Reid
    Winner International Emmy USA Grand Award and Gold Medal, New York Film and TV Festival.

  • Touch Of Frost

    Fun Times for Swingers. David Jason, Isla Blair.
    Director Adrian Shergold   |   Producer Simon Lewis   |   Exec David Reynolds

  • The Widowmaker

    35mm feature. Annabelle Apsion as the wife who finds her husband responsible for a series of murders in the local community.
    Director John Madden   |   Producer Deirdre Keir
    Winner Best Actress Award Monte Carlo
    Nominated Best Single Drama Bafta

  • After The War

    Drama series written by Frederic Raphael with Anton Rodgers, Frederik Treves, Jeroen Krabbe, Patrick Malahide, Art Malik, Geoffrey Palmer, Adrian Lukis and Claire Higgins.
    Director John Madden   |   Producer Sita Williams

  • A Wreath Of Roses

    Written by Elizabeth Taylor. Trevor Eve, Fulton MacKay, Joanna McCallum and Fabia Drake.
    Director John Madden   |   Producer Sita Williams

  • The Death Of The Heart

    Elizabeth Bowen novel. Patricia Hodge, Nigel Havers, Phyllis Calvert, Wendy Hillier and Miranda Richardson.
    Director Peter Hammond   |   Producer June Wyndham-Davies